A brand name, company name or product name is one of the most important components in defining a brand and a brand’s positioning.

Understanding how you should position your brand will assist in the process of planning, thinking and assessing naming options.

And with naming such an important factor in the success of your product and your brand, it is essential to understand your market, your competitors and your business.

We work with organisations to define their positioning, and apply this understanding to a process of generating and assessing names.

We develop:

We can complete the process by assisting in registering the name as a trademark, either locally, regionally or globally.


A Forensic investigative service of Deloitte, DTect is an analysis and interrogation tool that identifies suspicious financial transactions and corporate fraud.


See Deloitte case study ›


Simbient is an award-winning custom development software engineering company servicing organisations in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Simbient provides a full range of software engineering solutions including consulting and custom devlopment of all types of software applications.

Recovre was developed as a specialist occupational rehabilitation division for the insurance company Allianz.

Later sold to a private equity firm, Recovre is now the leading occupational rehabilitation organisation in Australia.


Specialising in heavy-vehicle telematics systems, TOMR needed to name its products to make it easy for the market to comprehend. From its premium product, to add-on modules, to an entry-level product that could compete on price.


See TOMR case study ›


Refreshed Lemon Myrtle developed a range of health and skincare products based on the Australian Lemon Myrtle plant.

The name needed to capture the freshness of the product while ensuring trademark registrability.


A Forensic investigative service of Deloitte, LookFirst provides businesses with realtime corporate and financial information about acquisition and merger targets to ensure corporate governance measures are met.


See Deloitte case study ›


Based in Papua New Guinea, Anitua is a group of companies that supports energy, resources and mining industries.

The name Anitua is derived from the local Tok Pisin language, symbolising Anitua's local roots.

Our Sydney-based team worked via internet with Anitua's team in Papua New Guinea.


Certant was developed as a specialist self-insurance division for the insurance company Asteron.

Certant assisted organisations choosing to manage the risk and reporting requirements of self-insurance programmes.


Forturity combines market-leading finance strategies with high-growth investment properties to help clients build wealth-creating property portfolios.


Shakté is a start-up company specialising in sports, lifestyle and yoga clothing and learning.

The Shakté trademark has been registered in four classes in most markets around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, USA.

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